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Why Ray Of Hope 4U Exist
Why We Exist

To bring good news to the poor.He has sent us to comfort the brokenhearted and to let  the captives know they will be released  from mental and physical prisons.To bring vision  to the visionless and hope to the hopeless, with it, freedom from our enemy.  

Over the past decade society has seen an increase in gang culture and its associated violence. In addition, the composition and nature of gang culture has shifted: gang members are getting younger, geographical territory is transcending drug territory and violence is increasingly chaotic.

The general increase in gang-related deaths of young people and in particular a number of high-profile murders – for example those of 15 year-old Billy Cox who was shot dead in his own home in 2007 and 11 year-old Rhys Jones shot in the neck as he walked home from football practice in Liverpool in 2007 – have shocked society. To add to that suicides between 18 & 25 are up almost 40%. 

Media coverage has, at times, been suggestive of an epidemic in gang-related youth violence.

Over the past decade the failure of national and local government to act decisively has allowed gangs to become entrenched in some of our most disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Up to 6% of 10-19 year olds self-report belonging to a gang. Police in London and Strathclyde have each identified 171 and 170 gangs respectively. Gangs are most commonly found in areas of high deprivation, crime and family breakdown

                            About Us
Four years ago "Ray of Hope 4u" was launched in Bakersfield California. It is based on the belief that our children's needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. We can win!

Meet Our CEO
Mentor/Substance Abuse Specialist/Counsellor was raised in a broken home, his parents split at the age of seven; he attended one of the worst schools in West London (Christopher Wren), known for violence, drugs and sexual crimes.  He experimented with drugs and alcohol.He was arrested on two occasions and had his first bout with jail in 1988. Misdemeanour's lead to another bout in jail.

Ray lived homeless on the streets of Los Angeles, sleeping on floors in his car with no money or food.  

In 1989 headed to University in Alabama where he studied a BA in Religion and Post Graduate Studies in drugs addiction & drug identification, gang identification, and community issues using Rational Emotive Therapy, changing negative thinking into positive behaviour 

He spent the last twelve years dealing with drug abuse and gang violence among the youth in California; LA, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, East Palo Alto and Bakersfield.   Ray worked in schools, youth clubs, churches, prisons, cooperation’s (like NHS, Hammersmith and Fulham Council, White City Community Centre, and London Borough of Brent) and on the street; fighting the war against drugs and negative behaviour, like anger and rage turning them into positive behaviour. 

Ray has done some pioneer work in the area of gangs and drug misuse in LA with Rev. Jessie Jackson’s Operation Push (former USA presidential candidate), Magic Johnson (former NBA star), Joey Porter & Windell Tyler (NFL super bowl winning stars) on stop the violence programs.   He worked with crack cocaine, meth, heroine addicts, crips & bloods, and Mexican mafia gang members.  

Most recently consulted with London mayor Boris Johnson on the drug & gang problem in London. 

Just recently Ray has authored the book "Warzone The Battle for the mind" 

* Voted chaplain of the Year by United Prison Ministry - 2006

* Pioneered Simple Solution Substance Abuse NA/AA Meeting - 2003 

* Developed Bakersfield first ever Substance Abuse Convention with over 300 addicts in     attendance - 2003

* Leadership Award from Bakersfield Channel 23 (ABC affiliate) - 2003

* Leadership Award from the City of Bakersfield. - 2003

* Introduced free Tattoo Removal for ex gang members in the Bakersfield area - 2003
* Interviewed on many TV & Radio programs related to success with Tattoo Removal   Ministry - 2003

* Established the first Anti-Gang/Anti - Drug pastors Lunch Summit in the history of San Jose. - 2000

* Voted Pastor of the year Central California Conference of SDA - 1999

* Given Keys to the City by Clarksville Tennessee after recognition of outstanding community work - 1992

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service. We would love to come to your facility, school or church and speak to youth about the dangers of life and give them some tools to face the future.  

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